How to Conceive a Baby Girl

baby girlTrying to choose the sex of your baby may seem controversial to some, but to other’s the longing for a child of a certain gender is enough to want to try many different methods to help conceive a girl or boy. While this article will focus specifically on how to conceive a girl using natural techniques that you can try at home, let’s first look at the history behind the techniques:

Throughout history many couples have used many methods, some quite bizarre, to try and choose the sex of their child. From holding apples under the armpit to eating the genitals of a rabbit – fortunately these days we know more about science and don’t have to rely on folklore.

Probably the most well known method of gender selection was introduced by Dr Landrum Shettles MD PhD in the 1970’s whose Shettles method is now widely known by most women wanting a baby.

His theory is based around that the sperm carrying the X chromosome (female sperm) are larger, heavier and slower than the sperm carrying the Y chromosome (male sperm) which are faster, but less robust and somewhat weak.

Ovulation is then used as timing as to when to have intercourse so the sperm of your preference is able to fertilize the egg first.

The medical profession itself is still at odds as to whether the techniques work or not, and even ardent Shettles supporters agree that the method has its flaws and is not a guaranteed way to conceiving a girl or boy baby depending on your choice.

In fact, Dr Shettles himself claims that it is only around 85% effective for getting a boy baby and 77% effective for a girl if the rules are followed correctly.

Since this article will focus on the methods for conceiving a girl, we will look at those techniques in more detail.

The Shettles Method for conceiving a girl:

Using the Shettles Method you should have sex as far away as ovulation as possible while still in the timeframe that you are able to conceive. This is because the male sperm theoretically will have died off by the time the egg is released leaving on female sperm to fertilize the egg resulting in a girl baby.

This technique is actually harder to try and conceive a girl than it is for a boy as timing can be tricky for most women since the method requires knowing the exact day that you ovulate.

The only true way to know if you have ovulated is via ultrasound and while that is not practicable for most women other methods such as ovulation predictor kits (OPK’s), saliva monitors and body basal temperature charting (BBT) are usually used.

These of course are not foolproof however, and some skill is required to pinpoint the exact ovulation date (which is usually only determined after the fact, not before).

The most effective way to find your ovulation date is to observe signs and chart your cycles for three or four months so that you can more accurately determine when you usual day for ovulation is. Don’t immediately assume that it’s on Day 14 – as it’s a myth that all women ovulate on this day.

The Shettles Method also advocates using the missionary position and for the mother to avoid orgasm for best results.

To Try the Shettles Method:

  • Have intercourse everyday starting from the first day you finish menstruating to 3 days before your expected ovulation day.
  • Use the missionary or other shallow penetration position.
  • The woman should avoid orgasm
  • If possible keep the pH levels of your vagina as acidic as possible (drink cranberry juice, take Vitamin C supplements).

Other Sex Selection Methods.

The Shettles Method isn’t the only known gender selection method that people use today, both the Whelan Method and the O+12 method are also popular when it comes to trying to conceive a girl.

The Whelan Method also relies on timing, however its studies recommends waiting until you see a temperature rise after ovulation to have sex for a baby girl. Dr Whelan says that this is the optimum time to conceive a child of the female sex (which is the complete opposite to Shettles).

The O+12 method also supports the Whelan method in that you should have sex approximately 12 hours after you ovulate to conceive a girl. This method was developed by a mother in New Zealand who after trying the Shettles method unsuccessfully for a girl after six pregnancies (she had boys each time) decided to find out more after a friend of hers had a girl baby by breaking the Shettles rules.

After further research she found that waiting until between 8 and 20 hours after ovulation produced a girl 90% of the time, and using this method subsequently fell pregnant with a girl in her seventh pregnancy.

Of course this method is very difficult to achieve properly since you must know the precise moment that your body ovulates – which is very hard to determine without an ultrasound.

To try the Whelan or O+12 method

  • Keep track of your ovulation by using Ovulation Predictor Kit’s, saliva monitors or charting your body basal temperature.
  • As soon as you have confirmation that you ovulated have intercourse within 8 to 20 hours.
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