How to Conceive a Boy – Diet, pH and Chinese Gender Chart

how to conceive a boy baby

How To Conceive A Boy Baby

In my previous post about conceiving a boy I talked a lot about the Shettles Method of using timing to influence which sperm reaches the egg first and how to use that to your advantage when trying for a boy baby.

In this post I’ll go further into gender selection methods and how to conceive a boy naturally such as the ever popular Chinese method (prediction calendar) for a bit of fun and talk about the ways how to conceive a boy using diet and ph Levels. So let’s look at diet first.

Boy Diet: Foods to eat to conceive a boy baby

It has been said that there are certain foods to conceive a boy by helping make the cervical fluid (CF) more alkaline or acidic and to get a boy baby you need to make your CF more alkaline since that favors the Y chromosome sperm.

According to research by Oxford and Exeter universities, many first time mothers were studied according to their diets and the gender of their child and among the group the highest percentage of boys (56%) was to women who ate a high calorie, high potassium diet (which is a more alkaline diet).

In fact the study went on to look at other factors and nutrients and the more vitamins and nutrients that the mother took prior to conceiving the more likely she was to have a male child.

Foods that were particularly beneficial to having a healthy baby boy included:

  • lots of potassium (banana’s are high in potassium);
  • steak and potatoes;
  • foods high in calories such as cake and biscuits; and also
  • breakfast cereal every morning (according to some statistics you have an 87% chance of conceiving a baby boy by not skipping breakfast!)

Of course there have been no clinical trials on the effects of breakfast versus no breakfast for conceiving a boy or girl, but it makes sense since the Oxford study suggest the more nutrients you get the higher the chances of getting a boy.

Of course diet isn’t the only thing that can influence whether you will conceive a boy or girl, but if it moves the odds in your favor just a tiny bit it’s worth trying along with all the other methods for falling pregnant with a boy baby.

Orgasm: pH levels for getting pregnant with a boy baby

As I mentioned earlier, a more alkaline pH level is much better for conceiving a boy and there are few ways that you can achieve that without douching (douching can cause health problems and may even lead to infertility in extreme cases).

The absolute best way that you can quickly change the pH level of your reproductive tract is to have an orgasm. Yes the good news is that as soon as the woman has climaxed the fluid she produces makes the pH levels much more favorable to having a boy.  And it’s a much more fun way on how to conceive a baby boy naturally than changing your diet and eating more red meat and salty snacks!

Using the Chinese Gender Chart for How to Conceive a Boy Baby

And I couldn’t go past a little bit of ancient eastern tradition with the Chinese Calendar Gender Chart which takes into account both the month that you conceive and the mother’s age at time of conception.

Many people claim it is successful 90% of the time to help you have a baby boy, but I’m not quite convinced. At any rate it can be a fun way to determine what baby you will have. Here’s the Chinese gender chart that shows what you will have according to when you should conceive:

All of these tips from this how to conceive a boy to my previous conceiving a boy post should give you lots of information for getting the little boy that you are trying to get pregnant for.

12 Responses to “How to Conceive a Boy – Diet, pH and Chinese Gender Chart”
  1. senthuran says:

    Very useful tips given.. thank you very much…
    I ll try as per the guidance…

  2. Rumiko says:

    Do you know what the optimal ph range is for conceiving a boy?

  3. Christine says:

    My last period end up on 3rd of September,2009 and I have try on 10,13,14,15,17 so I don’t know that means I was pregnant aready or not? please help me before the end of month.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Christine,

    If it ended on 3 Sept when did it start? I’m going to take a guess that it was around 5 days which means it would have started around 29 August. That’s Day 1 of your cycle. If you ovulate on day 14 (just an average) then you might have ovulated around 12th or 13th September.

    So right now you are in the 2 week wait and your next period is due this week (or it won’t come at all if you are pregnant!)

    Wait a few days and take a test. Good luck!

  5. joana says:

    are you sure that these methods are helpful. bcz i want to concieve a baby boy and i have already a little baby girl.

  6. tajinder says:

    i have 3 daughters nd i want 2 conceive a boy.please help.i am 36 years old.

  7. Maria Kingsley says:

    I had a baby girl, now by his grace i need a baby boy, and saw my period on the second of this month; and i ovulated on 13th days after and we had intercourse on the exact date of my ovulation, isn’t possible for me to have a boy?

  8. Richi says:


    I have been married for 2 years. i want to know what is the optimal PH range for conceiving a baby boy?


  9. shelly says:

    hi help me & tell me how 2 increse the chance of conceivng baby boy .I ve a girl child already

  10. Trista says:

    I have done alot of research on how to concieve a baby boy. I 1st child (not w/ my husband) was a boy. I have 3 girls w/ my husband. We are going to try again for a boy! We will try to follow with the special diet for the both of us. It may sound silly but we are going to wait until Jan. 2012 to try for a boy. The chinese calendar says for my age 26 and the first 5 months are all boys. I hope with the calendar and all th other things you suggested i pray that it will work. If you have any other helpful info. let me know.
    Thank You!

  11. tabasum says:

    hi i have baby girl now i want to have baby boy on whch day after my prio i have should to try plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlep me

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