Conceiving a Boy

baby boyThroughout history people have been trying to fall pregnant with a baby of their chosen gender so trying to put the odds of conceiving a boy or girl, whatever your preference may be, into your favor is nothing new. Fortunately we now know a lot more about how the body and especially conception works so these days we don’t need to rely on wives tales or myths about what we need to do.

This article will focus primarily on some of the strategies and methods for conceiving a boy using natural methods (rather than laboratory techniques). While choosing the gender of your child via a laboratory is usually more successful (although there still have been many cases of couples not getting the child they thought they were getting), trying methods at home, such as the Shettles Method is safe and doesn’t cost you anything.

Since I’ve already mentioned it, the Shettles Method was introduced in the 1970’s by Dr Landrum Shettles MD PhD and is probably one of the best known methods for falling pregnant with a child with the gender of your choosing.

He discovered that the sperm carrying the X chromosome (female sperm), while stronger and larger, was slower than the sperm carrying the Y chromosome (male sperm) which tended to be faster and lighter but didn’t last as long.

He then surmised that to take advantage of these characteristics, to increase your chances of having a boy baby that you must have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible so that the male sperm would reach the egg first and fertilize it.

Interestingly the Shettles Method is far more successful in producing boy babies (they claim an 85% success rate for males) than it is for girl babies (only a 77% success rate) which is believed to be because it is easier to pinpoint ovulation as it happens rather than 4 days beforehand.

Of course this method is still not 100% guaranteed but it does seem very effective for conceiving a boy baby, so let’s look at the method in more detail.

The Shettles Method for conceiving a boy:

Because timing is important for the Shettles Method, you need to know when the woman is just about to ovulate. This means testing with ovulation predictor kits (OPK’s), body basal temperature methods (charting) or ovulation saliva monitors to pinpoint when you are due to ovulate.

Then you should aim to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. The Shettles Method says to start trying 2 days before you ovulate, right up to your ovulation day.

Theoretically this will ensure that the faster male sperm will reach the egg first and be ready to fertilize it before the female sperm have a chance to reach it.
He also has said certain positions favor a boy including any that deposit the sperm right at the cervix so they don’t have as far to travel. These positions include any deep penetration, like the doggie – rear entry positions.

Shettles also advocated that the woman should orgasm either before or at the same time as the man, since this not only helps push the sperm further up the uterus, but also creates a more alkaline pH environment in the woman which makes it easier for the sperm to live longer.

To Try the Shettles Method:

  • Have intercourse everyday starting from 2 days before your expected ovulation day right up to the day you ovulate.
  • Use the doggie style or other deep penetration position.
  • The woman should have an orgasm
  • If possible keep the pH levels of your vagina as alkaline as possible – orgasm should take care of that, but also eating thing like red meat and salty snacks will help.
  • Men should avoid wearing tight clothes or having hot showers.

This is a good strategy to get a baby boy (of course no plan will ensure it’s a baby boy 100%) but it will put the odds in your favor.

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  1. Mrs. Syed Mohammed Asif says:

    I am 47yrs married 3mths now to a healthy 61yr old man and am trying to concieve a baby boy. Is it possible for me as I am also pre-menopausal. Please let me know what I should do. I have never had kids before nor tried for any but my husband has 2 daughters alive and 3 other kids who died in infancy. How should I go about getting the boy that my husband soo needs. Sasha

  2. admin says:

    I would suggest visiting your doctor to make sure that you are still capable of conceiving. At 47 things are going to be more difficult for you. People have been known to fall pregnant when they are pre-menopausal but because your hormones will be all over the place it will be more difficult.

    If you are serious about conceiving a boy, then I suggest talking with your local fertility clinic for some solutions. Good luck!

  3. p says:

    please tell me whether i can concieve a baby boy if have sex after ovulation day. shettles method and other methods only tells to do sex before ovulation. what regarding after ovulation. suppose 29th of nov is ovulation day, if 30th of november had intercourse. what will be the result.

  4. admin says:

    Your best chances of getting pregnant after your ovulation day are good if you have sex no less than 24 hours after your egg is released. Anytime after that and the egg starts to disintegrate.

    Yes according to the Shettles method, this will improve your chances of having a boy.

  5. kerrie says:

    Hello I am 36 years old and in the process of getting my tubes untied. Is there any kind of difference when this happens or should I go about doing what it says to do to have a boy.??

  6. admin says:

    Try for a boy for a few months to see how you go.

    Some women have fully restored fertility and it all happens normally and other’s have more trouble.

    If you are having trouble getting pregnant then I’d ignore sex selection and just try and conceive.

    Good luck!

  7. rani says:

    Hellow, I am 26 year old, i got two daughters and tubectomy operation too. But after reading shettles method to get baby boy, again we thinking to have baby boy. is it possible if i get re-operation to open my tubes and if we fallow shettles methods, would we get baby boy? we are very much upset that i got tubectomy operation. we would like to have son. Thank you.

  8. admin says:

    Hi rani,

    You are still young, so yes I would say it’s definately possible to have a successful operation to get your tubes untied.

    Good luck!

  9. hemarajan says:

    hi, hema here. i am 33 years now. i have got my tubectomy done 5 years back. i have 2 boys. now, i want to get pregnant with a baby girl. is it possible. Someone please guide me.

  10. Sonu says:

    I am 33 yr old and have under gone 2 abortions and 3 caserians and have 2 daughters. what are my chances of conceiving a boy and whether there is going to be any risk for the mother or the child. Also please suggest what should be the ideal time gap before I try again.

    Thanks in advance

  11. Angel says:


    My name is Angel, Im 24 yrs old and am trying to have a baby boy, which my fiance would like as we have a girl already, we have been trying for the past 2 yrs but nothing seems to happen. What can we do next as everything seems to not work. please help

  12. admin says:

    2 yrs is a long time to not fall pregnant at your age. I would suggest you visit your doctor to rule out any medical reasons for both you and your fiance.

    They may get you to track your ovulation or put your on fertility drugs to help you produce stronger eggs.

    Good luck!

  13. yelena says:

    Hi my name is Yelena i have 2 girls and we want a boy soo badly.I read all the shettles method i hope this will work…but the biggest problem that i got is my family make me so mad they say we should not try again and all that…anyways we have our life’s they have theirs.Well we are going to try 1 more time im 28 and i want to have kids when im still young.One more think can i get pregnant if i had the iud? and how long will it take?

  14. Praneetha says:

    Hi, Praneetha here. We are trying to conceive for a baby boy but as per chinese calendar the next best time looks to be Feb 2010 and then not until Jan 2011 as per my lunar age. Should we wait that long and try the Shettles Method?
    Also, how do you define the ovulation? how could I find out that?

  15. admin says:

    Hi Yelena, I wouldn’t worry too much about what your family say, if you want another child then you should go for it. I’m not sure how long it will take to fall pregnant, that’s different for everyone.

    Hi Praneetha, Don’t pay too much attention to the chinese calendar, they said I would be having a boy and I just found out I’m pregnant with a girl. Ovulation is when your body released an egg. It usually happens aorund 14 days after your period starts.

  16. Ashi says:

    Hi i am Ashi,i am 29 yrs old we are trying to conceive for a baby boy. On 22nd feb i took a home pregnancy test which came + with a very faint line,on 24th feb i started bleeding and after doing a blood work my doc said i had a miscarriage and my HCG level was way low.
    Can someone please help me by letting me know what care should i take for my next pregnancy to maintain my HCG level and how long should i wait to conceive again.
    I already have a girl of 2yrs old.
    Please help

  17. devi says:

    hi,i am devi,31 years old mother of a 6 year old girl.I conceived her at the 1st trial itself.I have been trying to conceive a boy based on shettles method,pinpointing ovulation by follicular study.we tried for 2 months,but i did not conceive.We badly want a baby boy.Pls help me.I am very much depressed.Every one in my family are keen.

  18. yogesh says:

    Hello mam, my name is yogesh n i am 28 yrs old. i got married 1&1/2 year ago. my wife is 25 yrs old. we have planned not to get a child for near 1/2 yr. but afterwords
    we are continuously trying to have a child disperately. but since today nothing has been happened. Actually my wife has problem of thyroid and since last six months she is taking treatment of that. we had also concerned a lady gynac of our town, but nothing is going right. we dont have a regular intercourse. kindly suggest madam, is it necessary that we should have sex within the gap of 24 hours to get a child fast. Or is thyroid is really big
    problem in concieving.

  19. amit says:

    Kindly apprise me that what is ovulation day whether this is the day after ovulation or the day before ovulation or during ovulation we should have intercourse for a baby boy 100% chances. Kindly give me detail. Whether we should have intercourse daily. What kind of medicine we should take for boy. Right time for intercourse for boy.

  20. amit says:

    intercourse time for boy and medicine and diet be apprised please

  21. arpita says:

    hi,mam,i have baby girl&she is 2 yr old,in my family all have daughters,so all my family mambers wants baby boy desperately,can u give me your clinic addor no ,so i can get help from ou,thanks

  22. harsh says:

    hi. I m 28 yr old and my wife is 26 yr old. We r trying to concieve since last 8 months. Wht shd we do to hv baby boy?

  23. anny says:

    mam , i have a baby girl now i want to have a baby boy . my period length is 30 , 32 , 31 , 33, 36 . how should i calculate my ovulation period. Also we should have sex before ovulation period or after O period. plz suggest

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