One of the most popular methods for conceiving a boy (or girl) is using the Shettles Method. This method relies on ovulation timing to increase your chances of falling pregnant with a boy baby. Over the last twenty-five years, thousands of couples have turned to the Shettles Method for learning how to conceive a boy.

Shettles says in order to increase the chances of having a boy; you should have Sex no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation to 12 hours after ovulation. Continue reading “Conceiving a Boy – The Shettles Method” »

Nothing brings more joy than a baby boy, as they say and as a mother to a beautiful son I can certainly believe that. In fact when trying to choose the gender of your child, more people try to get pregnant with a boy than with a girl. So if you would like to know when should you try to conceive a boy baby then this article will help you plan the right time.

Probably the most well known method of sex selection is the Shettles Method. The Shettles Method claims over 85% success rate for conceiving a boy. (The success rate for getting a boy using the Shettles Method is much higher for a boy than a girl).

Dr Shettles discovered that the male decides what sex your baby is going to be. If the sperm carrying an X chromosome reaches the egg and fertilizes it, then you’ll get a little girl. If the Y chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg then your little baby will be a boy.

Dr Shettles found that the Y sperm is very fast but not very strong so using this knowledge to your advantage, you can then time your intercourse around your ovulation day.

The first step is pinpointing the day that you ovulate. Once you know this day then you want to have sex from 1 day before ovulation right up to the day you ovulate. That means that the male sperm will be able to reach the egg first and you’ll increase the odds that you’ll have a boy baby.

By timing your sex to as close to ovulation as possible you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving a boy baby and pretty soon you’ll be knitting yourself some blue booties for you new precious bundle of joy.

There are even more tips and ideas for conceiving a boy and how to fall pregnant on this blog, I hope you enjoy the articles!

If you’ve done any research about how to conceive a baby boy then you’ll know it’s a lot about timing ovulation and altering the pH of the vagina to help the male sperm to reach the egg first. But what I bet you didn’t know is there are things that the Shettles method recommends that the father must do as well. This article will show you the three main things that the father can do to help you get that baby boy.

1. Keep the Boys Cool

And by ‘boys’ I mean his testicles. (But I’m sure you knew that already). You see the temperature of your man’s testes is important for optimum potency of his sperm. And since the male chromosome sperm is not as strong as the female chromosome sperm you need to do everything you can to make sure that as many of them live as possible.

So that means that he must not take hot showers or baths. And he should wear boxer shorts instead of briefs as this keeps the testicles away from the body, lowering the temperature of his ‘boys’ by a few degrees.

2. No Ejaculation for 4 Days

Leading up to the optimum day for lovemaking for making a boy baby (which is ovulation day), the father must not ejaculate for at least four days prior to this day. The reason for this is to make sure there is lots of sperm ready to go and this will put the odds in your favour for conceiving and getting pregnant.

This means that the father will not be able to have intercourse or masturbate during this time (but tell him that it will be worth it once you get your baby boy).

3. Drink Coffee

While coffee isn’t recommended for women since it can decrease fertility and increase the chance of miscarriage, this isn’t the case for men – it can actually help to wake up his sperm and get them moving faster.

So prior to lovemaking, the male should drink a caffeinated beverage such as coffee or cola. This will allow the sperm to reach their destination slightly faster and give the male chromosome sperm an advantage over the slower (but stronger) female chromosome putting the odds in your favour of conceiving a boy baby.

Bonus Tip

Another thing that the man can do prior to ovulation day is to relax. Actually this is important for both couples since it has been shown that stress can interfere with both male and female fertility. So give your man a massage (and make sure he returns the favour) so you both can stay calm during the period that you are trying for a baby.

Of course there are many other things you need to be aware of when it comes to getting pregnant with a boy baby and you can read more about how to conceive a boy here.

But if you’d prefer to find out how to conceive a girl baby instead, then I recommend the o+12 method.

You might have heard many old wives tales about eating certain foods can influence the chances of having either a boy or girl baby, but is it true? Can certain foods really influence the chances of conceiving a boy or girl?

Actually there is some science behind this because there are foods that can change the composition of the cervical fluid and pH of the vagina, and that in turn can help or hinder either the male or female sperm from reaching the egg first.

For getting boy babies, you want to try and make your cervical fluid to a low pH level (or alkaline levels) to help the Y chromosome sperm (for a male) reach the egg first.

So which foods are best for getting a boy baby?

Let’s start with breakfast. Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast every morning have nearly doubled their chances of conceiving a boy. The reason is that eating kick starts the metabolism, and you want your metabolism working as soon as possible in the day to help put your body in the optimum condition.

But skip the bacon and eggs, it’s good old cereal that’s best for a boy. The best cereal to choose is one that is high in fibre and also contains healthy vitamins and minerals such as All Bran.

If you like, follow up your breakfast with a banana. Eating banana’s is very beneficial for making the cervical fluid more alkaline which is beneficial to the male sperm. Banana’s are high in potassium, and this is what influences the pH levels of the vagina. The more alkaline, the better the Y chromosome sperm likes it.

But banana’s are not the only food that is high in potassium. You also have nuts, figs, apricots and baked potatoes with the skin on them.

There are also more foods that can have a alkalizing effect on the vagina including nearly all vegetables (although skip the corn). Green leafy vegetables are your best bet to add to your dinner plate each evening.

Now that you know what to eat, what about what to drink?

Well good old water is beneficial not only for conceiving a boy but fertility in general, but what I bet you didn’t know is that orange juice can also lower the pH of your cervical fluid. Most people assume that orange juice would be acidic, but it actually has an alkalising effect on the body making it a great choice if you are trying to get pregnant with a boy.

As you can see, eating to conceive a boy baby is actually quite a healthy diet, but there is still a lot more that you can do. Click over to this blog post on conceiving a boy for more tips.

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how to conceive a boy baby

How To Conceive A Boy Baby

In my previous post about conceiving a boy I talked a lot about the Shettles Method of using timing to influence which sperm reaches the egg first and how to use that to your advantage when trying for a boy baby.

In this post I’ll go further into gender selection methods and how to conceive a boy naturally such as the ever popular Chinese method (prediction calendar) for a bit of fun and talk about the ways how to conceive a boy using diet and ph Levels. So let’s look at diet first.

Boy Diet: Foods to eat to conceive a boy baby

It has been said that there are certain foods to conceive a boy by helping make the cervical fluid (CF) more alkaline or acidic and to get a boy baby you need to make your CF more alkaline since that favors the Y chromosome sperm.

According to research by Oxford and Exeter universities, many first time mothers were studied according to their diets and the gender of their child and among the group the highest percentage of boys (56%) was to women who ate a high calorie, high potassium diet (which is a more alkaline diet).

In fact the study went on to look at other factors and nutrients and the more vitamins and nutrients that the mother took prior to conceiving the more likely she was to have a male child.

Foods that were particularly beneficial to having a healthy baby boy included:

  • lots of potassium (banana’s are high in potassium);
  • steak and potatoes;
  • foods high in calories such as cake and biscuits; and also
  • breakfast cereal every morning (according to some statistics you have an 87% chance of conceiving a baby boy by not skipping breakfast!)

Of course there have been no clinical trials on the effects of breakfast versus no breakfast for conceiving a boy or girl, but it makes sense since the Oxford study suggest the more nutrients you get the higher the chances of getting a boy.

Of course diet isn’t the only thing that can influence whether you will conceive a boy or girl, but if it moves the odds in your favor just a tiny bit it’s worth trying along with all the other methods for falling pregnant with a boy baby.

Orgasm: pH levels for getting pregnant with a boy baby

As I mentioned earlier, a more alkaline pH level is much better for conceiving a boy and there are few ways that you can achieve that without douching (douching can cause health problems and may even lead to infertility in extreme cases).

The absolute best way that you can quickly change the pH level of your reproductive tract is to have an orgasm. Yes the good news is that as soon as the woman has climaxed the fluid she produces makes the pH levels much more favorable to having a boy.  And it’s a much more fun way on how to conceive a baby boy naturally than changing your diet and eating more red meat and salty snacks!

Using the Chinese Gender Chart for How to Conceive a Boy Baby

And I couldn’t go past a little bit of ancient eastern tradition with the Chinese Calendar Gender Chart which takes into account both the month that you conceive and the mother’s age at time of conception.

Many people claim it is successful 90% of the time to help you have a baby boy, but I’m not quite convinced. At any rate it can be a fun way to determine what baby you will have. Here’s the Chinese gender chart that shows what you will have according to when you should conceive:

All of these tips from this how to conceive a boy to my previous conceiving a boy post should give you lots of information for getting the little boy that you are trying to get pregnant for.

baby boyThroughout history people have been trying to fall pregnant with a baby of their chosen gender so trying to put the odds of conceiving a boy or girl, whatever your preference may be, into your favor is nothing new. Fortunately we now know a lot more about how the body and especially conception works so these days we don’t need to rely on wives tales or myths about what we need to do.

This article will focus primarily on some of the strategies and methods for conceiving a boy using natural methods (rather than laboratory techniques). While choosing the gender of your child via a laboratory is usually more successful (although there still have been many cases of couples not getting the child they thought they were getting), trying methods at home, such as the Shettles Method is safe and doesn’t cost you anything.

Since I’ve already mentioned it, the Shettles Method was introduced in the 1970’s by Dr Landrum Shettles MD PhD and is probably one of the best known methods for falling pregnant with a child with the gender of your choosing.

He discovered that the sperm carrying the X chromosome (female sperm), while stronger and larger, was slower than the sperm carrying the Y chromosome (male sperm) which tended to be faster and lighter but didn’t last as long.

He then surmised that to take advantage of these characteristics, to increase your chances of having a boy baby that you must have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible so that the male sperm would reach the egg first and fertilize it.

Interestingly the Shettles Method is far more successful in producing boy babies (they claim an 85% success rate for males) than it is for girl babies (only a 77% success rate) which is believed to be because it is easier to pinpoint ovulation as it happens rather than 4 days beforehand.

Of course this method is still not 100% guaranteed but it does seem very effective for conceiving a boy baby, so let’s look at the method in more detail.

The Shettles Method for conceiving a boy:

Because timing is important for the Shettles Method, you need to know when the woman is just about to ovulate. This means testing with ovulation predictor kits (OPK’s), body basal temperature methods (charting) or ovulation saliva monitors to pinpoint when you are due to ovulate.

Then you should aim to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. The Shettles Method says to start trying 2 days before you ovulate, right up to your ovulation day.

Theoretically this will ensure that the faster male sperm will reach the egg first and be ready to fertilize it before the female sperm have a chance to reach it.
He also has said certain positions favor a boy including any that deposit the sperm right at the cervix so they don’t have as far to travel. These positions include any deep penetration, like the doggie – rear entry positions.

Shettles also advocated that the woman should orgasm either before or at the same time as the man, since this not only helps push the sperm further up the uterus, but also creates a more alkaline pH environment in the woman which makes it easier for the sperm to live longer.

To Try the Shettles Method:

  • Have intercourse everyday starting from 2 days before your expected ovulation day right up to the day you ovulate.
  • Use the doggie style or other deep penetration position.
  • The woman should have an orgasm
  • If possible keep the pH levels of your vagina as alkaline as possible – orgasm should take care of that, but also eating thing like red meat and salty snacks will help.
  • Men should avoid wearing tight clothes or having hot showers.

This is a good strategy to get a baby boy (of course no plan will ensure it’s a baby boy 100%) but it will put the odds in your favor.